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At our Volvo dealership serving Topsham and the MidCoast Maine area, we have a wide selection of new Volvo vehicles available for you to choose from. These vehicles each offers a variety of trim levels and packages that you can choose from depending on your driving preferences, so no matter what you're looking for in your next vehicle, we can help you find just what you need.

What are the options available?

One option that many Volvo vehicles offer is a choice of engine: you can opt for the T5, the T6 , or the T8 engine, depending on your preferences. But what's the difference?

So, what's the difference between the T5, T6 and T8 engines? 

The T5 is turbocharged, while the T6 is twin-charged, meaning that it is both turbocharged and supercharged, and can offer more power. The engine used for the T6 is the exact same engine as the T5 but with the addition of the supercharger. Both engines offer great performance, so it really just depends on your personal preference. 

The T8 represents Volvo's hybrid twin engine technology and is part of the Recharge lineup of models which are PHEV units (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles). The Hybrid Twin Engine takes the approach of the engine being electric first but having a traditional gas combustion component as well. This allows for zero emission city driving and blistering performance and pickup on the highway. The plug-in aspect of the T8 means the vehicle can be plugged into the electrical grid to charge and thereby further reduces the need for the use of the gasoline engine.

Which of the options offer AWD?

The T5 is available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models, while the T6 is only available in all-wheel drive models. The T8 comes standard with eAWD (which is also AWD). 

What Models are these available on?

These engine options are available in a number of new Volvo models, including the XC60, XC90, S60 and more. We have a selection of new vehicles at Goodwin's Volvo, and we will gladly help you find the one that's right for you.

If you're interested in learning more about the new Volvo models we have available at our Volvo dealership serving Topsham Maine, feel free to stop by. We would be happy to show you our available vehicles and answer any questions you might have about the engine options and other available features to help you find the new car or SUV that's right for you.