Your tires come with a set psi. That number decreases because air escapes the tire naturally. Therefore, regularly determining the current psi becomes an important step for any car owner. Variations from the specified psi are not safe. Too little or too much air in the tires can harm the vehicle’s handling ability, among other troubles.

Traction, in particular, suffers due to under or over-inflation. Some assume that only low air pressure hurts traction, but that is not the case. Too much air also makes it difficult to maintain traction on the road. In inclement weather, poor traction becomes dangerous.

You’ll also find the tread wear becomes uneven or occurs far ahead of schedule. Once your treads are gone, the tires create hazardous concerns. Tires that should last many more miles end up going to the recycling bin. Avoid this by preserving the traction by keeping the tires inflated to the proper pressure level.

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