Even though rotating your tires should be done on a regular schedule, there are a few signs that your car could give you when it's time to rotate them. One of the first signs that you'll usually notice is uneven wear and tear on your tires, especially in the inner area.

As you're driving in Topsham, ME, you might notice a vibration in your steering wheel if your tires need to be rotated. Most of the time, this vibration occurs when your speed is over 45 mph. Sometimes, the vibration could be the result of your tires needing to be balanced. This is why you should visit Goodwin's Volvo as soon as you notice any issue that isn't normal with your vehicle.

Another sign that your tires might need to be rotated would be a loss of pressure. One tire might lose air faster than the others on your car. If there isn't a puncture in the tire, then rotating it with another could make a difference.

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