What Can be Said About the Interior of the Volvo XC90?

What can a person say about the interior of the Volvo XC90 from Goodwin's Volvo that hasn't already been said? We wanted to bring you a couple of features that you may not have known existed.

All Cabin Climate Control

You can control the temperature throughout the entire cabin by adjusting it from the touchscreen that is located in the middle of the dashboard. This gives you greater control over keeping your passengers comfortable.

85+ Cubic Feet Of Cargo Space

Most of us carry around plenty of possessions with us, no matter where we go. The Volvo XC90 provides us with enough cargo space so that this is not a problem. There are more than 85 feet of it to go around in this one.

Up to 400 Horsepower

What may have slipped by you about the Volvo XC90 is that it has up to 400 horsepower backing it up. Thus, you don't have to sacrifice on the strength of the vehicle just because it has so many other great features as well.


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