We at Goodwin’s Volvo know that our customers in Topsham, ME love their pets just as much as we do. This is why we are providing tips on how to easily clean fur from the interior of your car without breaking a sweat.

Static electricity is your best friend when it comes to cleaning fur on the upholstery and carpet of your vehicle. It naturally attracts hair and helps to get it out from deep within surfaces. You don't need any fancy equipment to harness static electricity either.

Inflated balloons and rubber gloves can be used to get out pet hair. Just rub the balloon on the upholstery or sweep your car with rubber gloves. For better results, spray the upholstery with a little bit of water before sweeping with gloves to get more hair out. Some vacuums also have special attachments designed to clean pet hair. These also utilize the power of static electricity and can be used to vacuum all around the car.

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