Driving through Topsham, ME has never been easier with the new Volvo V90 and its City Safety feature. This new feature combines several different features into one to make city driving easier. We all know that driving through the city is not the same as driving in the country, and your car should also know that this is a whole different scenario.

The city safety feature in the V90 is complex in its creation, but it’s simple to explain. Using radars and camera technology features, this car can see, hear, and predict almost anything that might cause danger while driving through the city. If you don’t react in time to stop an accident from occurring, the car’s safety features do the work for you. It’s the simplest way to keep your family safer on the road.

If you’re not aware of just how great this safety feature is, stop by Goodwin’s Volvo to talk to us about what else this vehicle can do for you. Take one for a drive in the country or the city to see for yourself just how protected you really are in the car.

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