An Exterior Tour of the Volvo S90

A truly sophisticated vehicle is one whose design can delight and inspire, both inside and out. That's why the new Volvo S90 incorporates an array of unique and ingenious exterior features to ensure your breath is taken away from the moment you lay eyes on it.

Strongly sculpted headlights create an instantly identifiable front fascia, blending Scandinavian luxury with American muscle. These headlights feature Active High Beam illumination technology, switching automatically between high and low beam to provide the most possible light for every driving condition. What's more, the S90's sleek and well-composed exterior styling help it to move effortlessly through the air, providing exceptional handling and remarkable fuel economy.

Words can only do so much to capture all that the S90 has to offer. The best way to experience the Volvo S90 for yourself is to stop by Goodwin's Volvo and drive one. Our professional vehicle specialists will demonstrate why the S90 is in a class all its own.



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